About Lovas Farms

Four generations of Lovases have farmed in the Red River Valley. Halvor Lovas moved to the farm in rural Hillsboro, North Dakota, in 1921 and it passed to his son Ingrum in 1944. Today, it is owned and operated by father/son/daughter-in-law team Peter, Jason, and Sarah Lovas.

Those first days found Halvor Lovas using horses and moldboard plows. Today at Lovas Farms virtually every field operation is performed with auto steer. Our combines have GPS to enable yield mapping, the planter is equipped with Row Command, which shuts off individual row units when they cross into an area of the field that has already been planted, and the planter information is synced into a cloud account for easy access from crop scouts. We also install drain tile and employ the latest in tillage and soil conservation techniques to keep our land performing. The care we provide it ensures that it will always care for us.

Lovas Farms employs up to four full-time employees and an additional three during harvest. We farm more than 5,600 acres of land and we even do some custom planting and harvesting locally. Currently, we are concentrating on corn and beans for a great crop rotation, but are always aware of changing market conditions. We make sure we are fully informed about the latest and greatest in farm technology, genetics, and market demand.

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